Cross-Border and Specialized Legal Network

In collaboration with our international correspondents and highly specialized partners, with whom we have longstanding experience, we have developed the capacity to offer our clients seamless cross-border services. We carefully select the attorneys with whom we work worldwide and the other experts that may become involved in our client matters. Most attorneys within our network have been working with our firm for many years. Some of them know our clients very well, and in all cases they share our practice philosophy and commitment to a solution-focused, practical and business-friendly approach to law.

Our international network includes only highly experienced attorneys that have achieved excellence in their respective fields who came to us by way of personal referrals. Those relationships give us preferred entry to local markets through lawyers who are both experts in complex cross-border matters and well connected locally. We are also part of various international legal organizations, and several of our attorneys have studied and/or have substantive experience with the law of foreign jurisdictions that are relevant to our clients. These relationships and expertise allow us to secure the most effective team for the global needs of our clients.

We have an experienced partner in tax and accounting law at our side in the accounting firm Loeba Treuhand (the Loeba Trust) in Lörrach. Together, we ensure comprehensive, interdisciplinary consultation. We have been successfully cooperating with several patent attorneys for many years in all areas of intellectual property.

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