Real Estate, Development and Construction Practice

We advise clients with respect to all issues related to real estate, zoning, construction, and related areas of the law.

This practice area includes a wide range of matters. We represent clients acquiring and selling real property. We advise developers at the acquisition stage of their projects, including both contractual and administrative representation. Once the property is secured and the applicable legal requirements are complied with, we represent our clients with respect to construction, management, leasing and other contracts providing the framework for the commercial exploitation of the property. The knowledge of the clients’ businesses that we acquire during this process, together with our expertise in the commercial exploitation of real property or its sale, allow us to devise efficient legal solutions tailored to maximize the value of the clients’ property and of any potential transactions.

We have substantial expertise in representing investors in financing transactions for real estate projects, as well as the developers or other project participants raising capital.

Our client base includes a broad range of businesses operating in this industry, including builders, project developers, building contractors, lenders, private owners, investors and real estate brokers.

Range of Services

Private construction law

  • Building contracts
  • Consultation during construction to avoid problems regarding material defects or cost increases
  • Procedural enforcement of and defense against claims
  • Administrative proceedings for permits, zoning variances, and related subject matter

Project development

  • Securing property (options contracts)
  • Contract drafting (general contractor and construction management contracts)
  • Accompaniment during contract negotiations
  • Structuring and sale of leased real estate

Commercial lease law

Implementation of complex building projects

  • Sub-division of property
  • Residential property laws (condominium owners’ associations)
  • Counsel on organizational contracts for joint developments

Investor consultation