Press and Media Law

Our press and media law practice group advises print and other traditional media outlets, as well as social media or other Internet-based outlets, on the legal matters that they routinely encounter.

Our group specializes, among other subject matter areas, in the body of law that regulates the legal boundaries between permitted expression, on the one hand, and expressions of facts, opinion or other content that may give rise to defamation, invasion of privacy, or other legal liability.

We work in both advisory and advocacy roles. In our advisory capacity, we help our clients evaluate, under the applicable rules, the extent to which the content they propose to publish may violate the law. We work with them to maximize their free expression space while avoiding exposure to legal liability. In our advocacy capacity, we vigorously intervene to defend their rights when the law and the situation at hand so warrant at all stages of the judicial process including preliminary injunctions.

Other subject matter areas that we encounter in the normal course of business include the regulation of advertising, copyright and other intellectual property law, privacy rights, the right to one’s image and likeness, and the rules defining when media must allow interested parties to rebut statements or to compel their withdrawal.

We also negotiate and draft media and event-related contracts for our clients in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from the engagement of artists to sponsoring (particularly in the sport and cultural industries) and to merchandising.

Range of Services

Protection of reputation

  • Rights and obligations of print and visual reporting
  • Protection of personal rights
  • Personal image law
  • Particularities of the new media
  • Cease and desist oders, right of reply, revocation and monetary compensation
  • Written warnings and defense against claims
  • Litigation (particularly temporary injunctions)

Press, media and the Internet

  • Advertisements, advertising in traditional media
  • Internet advertising, web design
  • Masthead, legal notices, press obligations
  • Telemedia (media services, teleservices)
  • Title protection

Contract Drafting

  • Sponsoring and other promotional services
  • Event contracts and organization
  • Artist, agency and management contracts
  • Merchandising