Tax and Customs

In the area of tax law, we represent companies and individuals in audits, investigations, assessments, and other disputes with tax or customs authorities, including as necessary appearances before financial courts.

Litigation and other proceedings with the tax office tend to be extremely lengthy, whether in connection with a tax assessment, or within the framework of an audit. Accordingly, we draw on our deep experience when dealing with regional and supra-regional financial authorities to evaluate, in light of the specific circumstances of each individual case, the most efficient course of action. We conduct a cost-benefit analysis and, at each level of administrative or judicial litigation, we advise our clients on the optimal way to proceed. This enables our clients to achieve outcomes that best match their bottom line interests.

We work closely together with our clients’ tax consultants, who also turn to us with complex questions regarding their own clients (consultation for consultants).

We combine aspects of tax, corporate and estate law together in order to legally optimize the financial outcomes for our clients.

Customs law often presents highly technical issues with substantial financial stakes. These difficulties can also be compounded by complexities specific to the “three-border corner” of Germany; France and Switzerland. We often consult with the authorities in advance to agree on the necessary legal steps. The advance rulings that we secure provide our clients with predictable outcomes and avert uncertain litigation.

Our work also involves advice in communal tax law. We provide consultations to communities on specialized issues that arise in the framework of their sovereign activity, as well as in relation to their own economic operations.

Range of Services

Representation before financial authorities and financial courts

  • Opposition and claims litigation
  • Audits
  • Negotiations concerning complete settlement in complex cases

Structuring within tax law

  • Establishing and managing endowments
  • Restructuring and Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Asset transfers among the living
  • Tax optimization of succession
  • Tax issues of public authorities

Criminal tax law

  • Consultation regarding amended tax returns
  • Defense in criminal tax law proceedings
  • Representation before financial authorities within the framework of criminal proceedings (taxing and collection)

Customs law

  • Tariff classification
  • Representation before customs and criminal authorities in customs procedures