Public Procurement

We counsel public clients and their advisors, as well as bidders, with regard to the preparation and implementation of public procurement contracts. This includes the award of services, construction services and freelance services, independent of whether they are under or above the threshold value. At the same time, we represent both public clients and bidders in review procedures and, if  necessary, in subsequent appeal proceedings.

We counsel communities, communal and public entities, architects and specialized planners, commercial construction companies, suppliers and other freelancers on all issues concerning the award of contracts and tender procedures for any service. We assist them in all stages of contract award procedures.

In addition, we represent our clients when enforcing public procurement claims. This begins with logging complains against breaches of public procurement law or defending against such complains during procurement proceeding, includes representation during review procedures, and extends to enforcement of and defense against damage claims due to incorrect contract award procedures.

Range of Services

Public procurement law

Public tender procedures according to VOB, VgV, KonzVgV, SektVO above the threshold values as well as VOB, VOL, UVgO below threshold values

Contract award procedures

  • Counsel during the preparation for and implementation of public procurements
  • Coordination of communication between the awarding contracting entity and its advisors

Review procedures

  • Representation before the procurement chambers
  • Representation before the courts of appeal

Contract and corporate law

  • Counseling and support in relation with the establishment of consortiums and the award of subcontracts
  • Drafting consortium agreements
  • Drafting subcontractor agreements