Competition Law

The legal requirements of fair competition are complex and characterized by numerous court decisions and EU directives. Increasingly, provisions outside of the German Unfair Competition Law (UWG) are playing a role in this as well, for example, in laws governing profession or in consumer and data protection. Also, because of smaller offenses that are mostly easily researchable online, advertisers are quickly targeted by competitors or associations.

In competition law, we counsel predominantly mid-sized companies from various sectors and trade levels, among other things, in the area of B2C, which is particularly sensitive to competition law.

We help to defend against warnings, competition suits, and injunctions. We act quickly and forcefully against unfair advertising from our clients’ competitors. When necessary, we enforce our clients’ claims in summary judicial proceedings as well. In addition, we provide counsel regarding the legal constitution of sales promotions and marketing operations concepts, e.g., mailings or online advertisements.

Range of Services

  • Extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of and defense against claims due to unfair competition, including summary proceedings when necessary
  • Counsel in sector or industry-specific subjects, e.g., the law on advertising of medicines
  • Preventative assessment of advertising campaigns to avoid legal risks of unfairness
  • Drafting contracts corresponding to sales promotion, e.g., concerning advertisements, internet advertisements, or merchandising