Environmental Law

We consult companies, in particular, on environmental law issues related to facilities, equipment and products. This includes assistance with emissions control and water rights proceedings for both production of raw materials and sewage disposal. This also includes the support of production companies, for example, with issues regarding legislation governing chemicals and recycling and waste management. Further, we assist businesses with the decontamination of contaminated industrial sites.

We support our clients in properly fulfilling their legal responsibilities and represent their interests regarding official requirements both in court and out-of-court. With our experience in environmental and criminal law, we are also capable of competently defending the rights of our clients in administrative offense and criminal proceedings.

Range of Services

Soil conservation law

  • Support in advance of and during the implementation of industrial site decontamination

Chemicals law

  • Hazardous substances law
  • Dangerous goods legislation
  • REACH regulation

Immission control

  • Support during the approval of trade and industrial facilities as well as facility modifications
  • Representation against subsequent ordinances

Recycling and Waste Management

  • Information requirements, especially in accordance with legislation governing battery powered and electric electronic devices
  • Take-back and recovery obligations

Water law

  • Accompaniment during water rights approval proceedings for direct and indirect dischargers as well as for industrial water use
  • Support during approval of geothermal drilling