Commercial Criminal Law and Criminal Tax Matters

We counsel and defend our clients in all areas of commercial criminal law as well as criminal tax and customs law, throughout Germany. We accompany our clients in all stages and aspects of litigation (preliminary pre-trial proceedings with public prosecutors, judicial trials, and appeals).

We develop individualized tailor-suited strategies in order to avoid company-related exposures under criminal law (compliance). In addition to preventative consultation, we have in-depth experience in defending against company and business-related allegations during preliminary proceedings (whether after searches, seizures or arrest) and during judicial trials (including imprisonment).

We have a great deal of experience in all areas of commercial criminal law and we actively pursue our goal of securing the economic viability and the perpetuity of the company, which is often threatened as early as the preliminary proceedings due to the considerable stress of these proceedings. We also support our clients as witness counsel during hearings held by prosecution authorities and the courts.

In criminal matters concerning taxes and customs, we represent and defend our clients in tax and customs investigations against the tax assessment office (also against provisional and asset diminishing sanctions), as well as in the public prosecution and the courts. We work together closely with our clients’ tax consultants and accountants on those matters.

Particularly in criminal cases concerning taxes and customs, the initial litigation phases of the public prosecution preliminary proceedings are decisive. We have considerable experience contacting tax investigation authorities, as well as other applicable governmental authorities, in order to finalize the matter as early as possible.

Range of Services

General commercial criminal law

  • Counsel on criminal law for companies and company bodies (e.g., executive directors and executive boards of corporate enterprises)
  • Defense, preventative counsel and compliance in all areas of commercial criminal law
  • Defense in all phases of litigation (preliminary proceedings, trials and appeals)

Tax and customs criminal law

  • Counsel with amended tax returns
  • Defense in criminal tax litigation, including imprisonment and judicial trials
  • Representation and defense in tax and customs investigations as well as with other financial authorities

Insolvency criminal law

  • Counsel and defense of companies in crisis (insolvency, excessive debts)
  • Defense in litigation due to insolvency (e.g., delay in filing for insolvency and bankruptcy)

Counsel and representation of companies

  • Preventative counsel and compliance
  • Representation of company interests in criminal proceedings against employees
  • Witness counsel

Criminal labor law

Criminal law governing corruption

Criminal law governing capital markets

Antitrust criminal law, law governing abuse of the antitrust laws