Agreements between contractual partners on different levels of trade are essential for all distribution systems. Agreements like these are becoming more regulated largely through EU Law, e.g., through the so-called vertical block exemption regulation. We make sure when creating or examining distribution agreements that the competition restrictions typical to distribution such as, for example, sole distributors, customer protection, exclusivity or competition prohibitions correspond with the antitrust law specifications.

Agreements between competitors, e.g., in the area of research and development or with technology transfers, are not allowed to violate antitrust laws either. We support our clients with this as well as when drafting their contracts in order to avoid conflicts with antitrust authorities or with third parties.

We additionally consult our clients with company mergers. We examine the preconditions and provide support for the merger intentions during negotiations with the antitrust authorities.

We represent our clients before the antitrust authorities whenever they are threatened with or are already subject to fines.

Range of Services

  • Distribution limitations
  • Contract drafting, particularly in antitrust law as well as the collaboration between competitors
  • Merger control
  • Antitrust and fine proceedings
  • Trainings
  • Counsel during searches (dawn raids)