Locations in Freiburg, Lörrach, Karlsruhe, Pforzheim and Bonn

We have offices in Freiburg, Lörrach, Karlsruhe and Pforzheim, cities associated with our firm’s historical locations and its growth through the amalgamation of well-known firms that came together to form BENDER HARRER KREVET.

The firm Bender und Sozien (Bender and Associates) was founded in 1905 by Erich Bender in Freiburg. In 1952, his son, Prof. Dr. Bernd Bender succeeded him. The firm won domestic and international acclaim through numerous publications in administrative and constitutional law and through the performance of the partners in a series of important landmark proceedings.

The firm Harrer & Krevet was founded in 1909 by Hermann Harrer in Lörrach. Its historical growth spans the course of three generations of highly respected lawyers, whose commitment to excellence was mirrored in the reputation of the firm as a premier legal partnership. The continuous practice of this expert team of specialists generated an exceptional reputation for the firm in the consultation of German and foreign companies with global orientations in all areas of commercial and tax law.

Our office in Karlsruhe was opened in 2011 by four former partners of a prestigious law firm in Karlsruhe. The fields of expertise of this new office located in the high-growth area of Karlsruhe are IT law and real estate law. Our partners located in Karlsruhe have extensive experience advising for many years some of the largest companies in the Southwest and mid-sized companies nationwide, primarily from the IT and real estate sectors.

BENDER HARRER KREVET continues to grow. The partnership started its fourth location in Pforzheim, in the beginning of 2018. The firm was able to make three colleagues part of the team, who are well-established and renowned in the Pforzheim area. Our company-wide practice groups support the new location in Pforzheim. In order to serve clients in the economic region of Pforzheim, the Enzkreis and the Northern Black Forest even better, BENDER HARRER KREVET now offers in Pforzheim its legal full service to companies and the public sector. In response to the dynamic development of the Pforzheim area, the new office focusses on commercial and company law, construction and real estate law, labor law and IT and data protection law. In addition, the law firm’s strong public law tradition successfully continues in Pforzheim.

With the opening of the fifth location in Bonn in January 2019, BENDER HARRER KREVET is focusing on strengthening the expertise on labor law. With Sebastian Witt as partner and specialist lawyer with a focus on providing specialized advice to hospitals and charitable legal entities, the eight-member employment law team of BENDER HARRER KREVET is complemented. The client base includes hospitals throughout Germany, which are comprehensively advised, primarily on restructuring, cooperation as well as M&A.

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