Board members and executive officers must secure that their companies and employees comply with all legal, fiscal and other governmental or contractual obligations. Compliance-related risks often arise in the following practice fields:

  • Antitrust, competition and distribution law
  • Corporate law
  • Labor and work protection law
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Licensing and infringement of industrial property rights
  • Tax and customs law, foreign trade law
  • Environment law
  • Criminal law and in-house investigations
  • Product safety, product liability, callback management

Our specialized compliance attorneys together with our experts in the legal areas involved help our clients to identify potential risks and to implement custom-tailored preventive compliance management systems, including emergency plans. In times of crisis we support our clients in pursuing violations, defending against unjustified claims and communicating with the public authorities. We provide in-house compliance training. When the need arises, we work together with external IT-experts in the area of IT and data protection.

Range of Services

  • Identification and analysis of actual risks
  • Implementation of compliance management systems, including emergency plans in the event of crisis
  • Compliance training
  • Investigations aiming at the discovery of breaches of obligations
  • Consultation regarding the pursuance of compliance violations
  • Representation towards public authorities and in court
  • Defense against civil law compensation claims against management and companies
  • Representation of companies in fines proceedings
  • Representation of management in fines and criminal proceedings
  • Representation of directors and officers towards D&O Insurance companies
  • Support of whistleblower hotlines
  • Ombudsman services
  • Support in relation to press law in the event of crisis