Labor Law

Success in business requires strategically smart and usually fast personnel and collective-bargaining decisions based on legally founded information. Our attorneys specialized in labor law are versed in all relevant and current aspects of human resources, while considering economic circumstances as well, in order to provide competent support.

Counted among our clientele are companies – from small and medium-sized companies to publicly listed groups – as well as municipalities and their enterprises. We have been providing counsel for these entities for many years in all aspects of individual and collective labor law.

We draft employment contracts according to the individual requirements of our clients. We supervise negotiations with work councils and labor unions and prepare them on tactical and strategic aspects. We give counsel on transactions, reorganizations and measures of economization as well as with the conclusion of social compensation plans. In addition, we work together with our attorneys specialized in corporate and tax law. We represent the solutions we develop for our clients before all German labor courts up to the Federal Labor Court.

We consistently provide our professional knowledge and our competence as contributors to technical seminars for companies and to in-house seminars.

Range of Services

Individual labor law

  • Creating individually tailored employment contracts and compensation systems
  • Review and drafting of employment contracts
  • Strategic preparation of dismissals, including for so-called “non-terminable” employees
  • Consultation regarding creation and repeal of executive and corporate management contracts
  • Development of coordinated models for international employee assignment
  • Defense against discrimination complaints
  • Consultation regarding employee data protection
  • Development of models for working hours, compensation and employee share ownership, as well as company pensions

Collective labor law

  • Support in all questions regarding works constitution law
  • Conduct of negotiation with compensation agreements and social compensation plans
  • Consultation at and drafting of company transfers, company closures and restructuring measures
  • Execution of collective bargaining negotiations
  • Consultation for all aspects of public service and civil servant law, particularly in the area of personnel representation law