Contributions Law

Contributions law refers to the area of the law governing regional and local taxes (KAG), i.e. taxes constituting the taxpayer’s contribution to the operation of those branches of government including specific projects. Our lawyers have particular experience and expertise in advising clients on legal issues arising in connection with assessed contribution for land development, water supply and sewage disposal, and other government projects for which levies may be assessed.

We counsel municipalities, in particular, on questions of contribution payments and drafting of related contracts and regulations. We also counsel property owners who want to take action against a demand for payment. In addition, we counsel property owners and investors about contractual solutions to contribution disputes.

Range of Services

  • Land development contributions
  • Connection contributions (water supply, sewage disposal)
  • Assessing and establishing municipal statutes
  • Assessing demands for payment
  • Judicial and extrajudicial appeals of demands for payment
  • Transfer fee agreements