Public Construction Law

We represent more than 100 municipalities, as well as developers, general contractors, subcontractors, real estate owners, and investors, with respect to all issues related to public construction projects. We routinely handle transactions and legal proceedings involving construction planning and zoning, in particular those arising under Germany’s construction planning statute. Our services cover both the contractual and the administrative sides of the project. This includes financing arrangements, partnership and like agreements among the project sponsors, permits, zoning variances and other administrative proceedings, construction contracts, real estate purchase and leasing agreements, and all other matters that may be ancillary to the project such as management or services agreements.

Our expertise in the representation of both public and private clients gives us a deep understanding of the needs of all parties to the project and of the applicable process. This enables us to help our private clients navigate the planning and building phases effectively, our governmental clients to optimize the public interest, and generally to structure effective solutions blending public law and private commercial considerations, While we focus on large-scale, complex projects, we also handle smaller size projects in the ordinary course of our practice. In all cases, we use our experience in the field to strategically advise our clients before each step in the projects, and together we manage the legal and commercial aspects of these projects successfully.

Range of Services

  • Urban land-use planning
  • Land and site development, including public-private partnerships
  • City building contracts, apportionment agreements, development contracts
  • Regional planning law issues, in particular concerning retail trade
  • Legitimacy of building projects