Inheritance, Corporate Succession, Endowments

In a prosperous and developed society, inheritance and estate planning consultation are of ever-greater importance.

We apply our expertise in this area of the law to support individuals, companies, business owners’ families and shareholders in creating and securing a fiscally optimal and well-planned succession structure for their assets or their business. We assist them in evaluating the applicable succession rules and the alternative disposition by way of a Will. Our advice is comprehensive and includes counseling regarding the choice of beneficiaries and of possible endowments (for profit and non-profit purposes).

We bring together comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of asset inheritance, with regard to civil and tax law aspects. We do not limit ourselves to tax advice and drafting succession instruments expressing our clients’ wishes and optimal fiscal planning.

We are also keenly aware of the need to advise on issues going beyond tax-optimization and effective succession instruments. The issues relevant to the interested parties may touch on the economic, social and family implications of estate planning. We have acquired substantial experience and expertise in advising on those important, legally-relevant, ancillary matters, which are often of high importance to effective representation.

We also advise our clients regarding compliance with the administrative and other formalities of the process including, among other things, in creating notarial deeds of gifts, testaments and inheritance contracts.

Our representation includes not only planning but also execution and enforcement of wills or succession procedures, particularly with judicial and extrajudicial inheritance distribution, as well with enforcement and defense of inheritance and legal share claims.

In addition, we are available to serve as executors or otherwise to help administer the estate of our clients.

Range of Services


  • Personal will/inheritance document preparation
  • Anticipated succession
  • Testament and inheritance contracts
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Optimization of corporate contracts with regard to corporate succession
  • Establishment and maintenance of endowments
  • Tax optimization of succession, particularly with transnational circumstances
  • Inheritance distribution agreements

Representation with authorities and courts

  • Succession proceedings
  • Inheritance distribution
  • Procedural enforcement and defense of inheritance and legal share claims
  • Representation with financial authorities

Execution of will