Family Law

Together, our family, inheritance, tax and corporate attorneys advise and support our clients on complex issues of family law, and work together to develop coordinated, personalized recommendations.

We counsel entrepreneurs, partners, executives and the self-employed on marriage contracts and divorce settlements and support them with asset disputes and distribution of surplus settlements. This also includes disputes between shareholders, both judicial and extrajudicial.

We help our clients to prepare and implement maintenance claims, and also to defend against them.

Additionally, we offer separation and divorce mediation.

We represent our clients in divorce proceedings and in all other family law disputes.

Range of Services

Marital property law

  • Selection of marital property
  • Amending marital property
  • Distribution of surplus settlements
  • Property ownership division
  • Company division

Marriage contracts and divorce settlements

  • Elimination or modification of marital demands of compensation
  • Exclusion of company assets, corporate shares or property from the shared marital assets
  • Regulation of maintenance claims
  • Elimination or modification of pension rights adjustment

Maintenance law

  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Support of parents

Pension rights adjustment

  • Calculation of the legal pension rights adjustment
  • Development of individual settlement options

Inheritance law

  • Spousal testaments and inheritance contracts
  • Patchwork family testaments
  • Legal inheritance counsel in separation and divorce
  • Settlement of gain in the event of death