We count international groups, mid-sized companies, family-owned partnerships, the self-employed, and sole proprietors among our long-time clients in corporate law. We also help entrepreneurs take their first steps.

We assist corporations as well as their associates/shareholders and bodies with their daily business, as well as with all specific legal questions, from the founding of the company through all the capital measures and as far as (trans-national) restructurings and possible liquidation procedures.

We have particular experience in the comprehensive consultation of company reorganizations as well as company acquisitions and mergers (M&A). Coordinated teams of corporate, tax and labor attorneys (as well as other experts, depending on the requirements of each case) guarantee efficient project management, from structuring to implementation. For consultation in conjunction with international company transactions, we have a network of associated offices abroad.

Range of Services

Founding of companies and branches

Creation of corporate contracts

General consultation

  • Corporate legalsecretariat: company meetings, formalities
  • Liability of associates/shareholders and bodies
  • Corporate compliance

Transactions and Restructurings

  • Corporate acquisitions and sales
  • Company takeovers
  • Joint ventures
  • Restructurings (e.g., mergers, splits, legal transformations – national and transnational)
  • Corporate action and restructuring


Liquidation and phaseout of companies