Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Copyright

The effective protection of intellectual property offers companies a decisive competitive advantage. Inventions, designs and other creative output, as well as product and company names and slogans can be legally protected in a variety of ways. We help with legal protection and enforce claims against imitators.

In the area of intellectual property, we counsel industry and trade (B2B and B2C), software firms, press companies, publishing companies and Internet service providers – from startups to internationally active corporations.

Our main areas of focus are trademark registration, trademark portfolio watch services, verification and enforcement of intellectual property rights and copyrights as well as drafting and negotiating of contracts that, for example, concern the privacy or licensing of intellectual property. We verify property rights and collision risk during company acquisitions. We work together closely with patent attorneys and have numerous contacts with specialized attorneys abroad.

Range of Services

Intellectual property rights

  • Extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of and defense against claims due to infringement of patents, registered designs and utility models, in collaboration with external patent attorneys when necessary
  • Registration of designs
  • License agreements, non-disclosure agreements, research and development contracts
  • Employee invention law


  • Registration of German trademarks as well as community and international registered (IR) trademarks
  • Analysis of search results in view of similarity
  • Opposition proceedings
  • Trademark watch services
  • Extralegal and legal enforcement of and defense against claims due to infringement of trademarks, company names, work titles and naming rights
  • Title protection notices
  • Counsel with domain registration, extralegal and legal support with domain disputes, including mediation and arbitration procedures
  • License agreements, delimitation agreements

Copyright law

  • Extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of and protection against claims due to copyright infringement
  • Verification of protectability of creative output under copyright
  • License agreements, particularly concerning software licenses